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Tips For Playing Clash Royale

If you are an avid gamer, likely you have seen the app Clash Royale hack. The game has taken off in the market because of its visual appeal and overall exciting game play. What also is attractive is the ability to play on a global scale as you try to strategize your clan.

If you are newer to the game, then likely you are looking for some tips. Here are some valuable ones to get you started:

•             Be smart with spending your gold. Gold is important within the game—so important that without it, you are going to be highly limited with play. You won’t farm your gold like you may have done with Clash of Clans. In this game it has to be hard-earned by winning as many battles as possible or by waiting for the daily treasure chests you get for free after four hours.

•             Use variety within your battle deck. When you set up your initial battle deck, be sure that you have a strategy. Try to not have 2-3s and don’t hold onto too many 5s either. They cost more and take longer. Plus, you’ll quickly be outmatched if you don’t watch your selection closely.

•             Skeleton attacks can help. You have different troops of skeletons. All of them die quickly and are general weak, except for the Giant Skeleton. The normal ones do have some value though—they are a great way to distract your opponent and then follow up with a “tank” troop. Pair your skeletons with a giant to take down towers efficiently.

•             Hold back the urge to attack first. Sure you may want to be aggressive, but it isn’t always in your best interest. Wait for your elixir bar to be at full capacity before you attack and if you can, wait for the enemy to move first. Now this won’t always be effective and as you continue to grow, you’ll know when this move is right. In general, having more elixir is a better position to be in.

•             Don’t rush to attack. This falls in line with the former tip. Again- it may be tempting to rush into battle, but it isn’t always smart. Better players know, however, that sometimes waiting back can serve you well. Sometimes it’s the good offense that is going to help you take down a tower. It can be a good idea to test the battle with a smaller and lighter troop. This is a way to see what exactly your opponent has. Once you get a better idea of their strategy you can act accordingly.

•             Spells are your friend. Of course at the beginning you won’t have spells, but after staying active for a week, you should start getting them. The Freeze spell and the Rage spell are both effective defense plays. With Rage, you get quicker movement and more damage ability. The Freeze spell does just that—freezes everything.

Be smart with your game and play often. Once you get the hang of Clash Royale, you are likely going to love it like millions of players already do!